PECK – A Lonely, Little Lovebird Down Under

A little lovebird named Peck lives happily in Australia until he starts to feel like he is the only one without someone to share his life with. Peck decides to travel to a faraway land to find what he seeks, but he learns that there is so much fun in the journey.

PECK – A Little Lovebird Takes Flight

Peck is a little lovebird who travels to the faraway land of Madagascar in search of love. He discovers many new animals on his journey. His new friends help Peck understand he is not all alone without a love match, for he always has someone to love along the way.

PECK – A Little Lovebird In A Big Land

A little lovebird named Peck has been on a long journey to find love. His next stop is the big land of Africa. There he encounters many animals who show him kindness and point him in the right direction. Thanks to the help of his new pals, Peck finds exactly what his heart was seeking.